Are you a fan of Paranormal Lockdown, Ghost Hunters or other Paranormal shows, and wondered what it would be like to investigate a REAL haunted location? Do you want to try something adventurous and new? Why go on a boring Ghost Walk when you can experience the real deal by investigating a haunted location yourself! Well now is your chance!

Team members from the Niagara Area Paranormal Society are once again offering the public the opportunity to participate in our hands on Ghost Hunting course which includes the chance to investigate a real haunted location!

In this course you will have the opportunity to learn how to research and investigate a haunted location using proper protocols and investigation techniques. You will also learn basic information about the equipment we use, and how to properly use them. You will learn about EVPs, how to find out the history of a haunted location, ghost photography, interview techniques, where to find ghosts and much more.

After you learn the basics of investigating, you will be able to apply what you learned in the course and investigate this haunted site! Team members from NAPS will be at your side to help assist and give you guidance throughout the night. Course participants will also have the opportunity to use some of our equipment throughout the evening.

Have you already taken one of our courses and just wish to investigate? Not a problem. We have split the evening up into two categories for those who only wish to participate in the investigation portion of our evening. For those who wish to investigate only, please prepare to arrive 15 minutes early to check in as the investigation will start at 7 pm sharp!

Niagara on the Lake Museum
43 Castlereagh Street,
Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario
L0S 1J0

Saturday, August 25th, 2018
Course time: 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Investigation Time: 7pm - 9:30 pm
We will have a short break from 6:30pm to 7 pm.


$ 60.00 +HST For the Course and Investigation.
$ 40.00  +HST For the Investigation Only.
For this investigation you can bring ANY equipment that you wish. Suggested equipment to bring would include: A tape recorder, spare batteries, camera, flashlight, video recording devices etc.

Note: Some items will be for sale on date of investigation with possibly more to be added. So far we will be selling Sage and Pendulums - $15 each. Cash only. Limited availability. Information for further items will be posted as they become available.
Course and Investigation
Investigation Only
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The Museum moved to its present location in 1907.  Memorial Hall is Ontario‚Äôs Oldest Museum Building and is designated by the Ontario Heritage Trust as a site of provincial significance.  Designed by W.B.Allan of St. Catharines and based on drawings by Walter S. Allward, this two-storey building with full attic has been unaltered since its construction in 1906. The foundation of the building is constructed from coursed rubble, reported to have been obtained from the ruins of the Indian Council House and Hospital (built in 1816/17 and destroyed by fire in 1881) on the Common.  In the 1940s the Society took over the 1875 High School building next door and then joined the two buildings in the 1970s to create a facility that is very sympathetic to its surroundings.

Besides the buildings historical significance, Niagara-on-the-lake is rich in history.
The Town played a central part in the War or 1812. It was taken by American forces after a two day bombardment by cannons from Fort Niagara and the American Fleet, followed by a bloody battle.
Later in the war the Town was razed and burnt to the ground by American soldiers as they withdrew to Fort Niagara. Undaunted by this setback, the citizens rebuilt the Town after the War, with the residential quarter around Queen Street and toward King Street, where the new Court House was rebuilt out of firing range of the cannons of Fort Niagara.
In the 1880's, the Town was renamed as Niagara-on-the-Lake to avoid confusion with Niagara Falls. The central part is referred to as Old Town or Old Niagara.
Paranormal Evidence
Our team first investigated this location back in 2015 and again recently. Evidence we have captured would indicate that some of those who lost their lives in the battle, still remain here!
We captured many EVPs that had intelligent responses to our questions. We had fluctuations on  various pieces of equipment such as EMF Meters, IR Temperature and motion sensor equipment that we could not explain. We heard audible responses which were collaborated on our audio equipment and more!

This is a great opportunity for the Ghost Hunting enthusiast! You won't want to miss out on your chance to investigate here! This is the first time that this location has been offered to the public in this capacity!

About our team
Niagara Area Paranormal Society has been an active investigation team since mid 2000. Our team takes a scientific approach to investigating activity. We have investigated hundreds of locations throughout the Niagara Region and area.
Our team has been featured in local newspapers, radio, TV (Global, Cogeco) and in Cineplex Theatres across Canada.

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Ghost Hunting Course and Investigation on Saturday, August 25th, 2018 
at Historical Niagara on the Lake Museum

History of Location
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